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Fish Pond Stocking
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Harrison Fishery, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We serve our customers with quality fish to stock ponds or lakes, competitively priced with a friendly personal touch.

Harrison Fishery Inc. now has over 75 production ponds and boasts a new state of the art Hatchery and an advanced 100,000-gallon indoor re-circulating system where Tilapia, Straight and Hybrid Bluegill, Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass that require feed training can be raised.

We currently offer over 20 different species of fish. Our professional services include a free consultation and provide delivery to anywhere in the Midwest.

For expert advice on pond and lake management,
fish stocking or general inquiries,
email our biologist at info@harrisonfishery.com.

Private Pond, stocked by Harrison fishery

The Harrison Fishery Way

At Harrison Fishery, Inc., we have built and continue to build our business on integrity and customer satisfaction. Our service does not stop with a sale. If you are dissatisfied, let us know. If you are satisfied, let your friends know. Referral business is the measure of our success.

Pond and Lake Stocking Program

There are a lot of things to consider when building and stocking a pond or lake. At Harrison Fishery, Inc. we want you to have all the information necessary to ensure that you get the most for your money. That is why we have developed a stocking program that lets you custom design your stock, based on your budget and your eco system. If you are not sure what pond or lake design would best suit your property, let our experts help you design the perfect lake or pond with the right amount and type of fish you will need.
Harrison fishery, your pond and lake stock specialists.
Indoor Recirculating Facility

Hatchery and Indoor Re-circulating System

In addition to our state of the art hatchery, Harrison Fishery operates an advanced 100,000 gallon indoor re-circulating system.

This system is designed to raise Tilapia, Straight and Hybrid Bluegill, Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass that require feed training.
Sunset over the stock ponds at Harrison fishery
Harrison Fishery, Inc. stocks the following species:

Fathead Minnow - Golden Shiner - Bighead Carp - Grass Carp - Redear Sunfish - Bluegill - Largemouth Bass

Koi - Hybrid Striped Bass - Black Crappie - Walleye - Yellow Perch - Northern Pike - Muskie - Channel Catfish

Other Species: (Other species not normally on-hand may be available through special request)

For sizes, prices, delivery information or questions on any of our fish, call us at 660-423-5482.
We look forward to serving your fish needs!

At Harrison Fishery, we are your “Pond and Lake Stocking Specialist”.

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