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Eco Systems

There are so many things to consider when designing a pond or man-made lake. The type and quantity of fish you need to stock depends on various factors. So does the vegetation you need to plant. Do you want to feed your fish or do you want to create a natural, self sustaining eco system? Do you prefer catfish or bass?

We at Harrison Fishery are ready to help you design the perfect pond or lake and our ecology experts are ready to come along side of you to ensure that your investment in fish stock is protected. Let us know what your desired end results are and we will help you create a healthy environment where your fish can thrive.

Eco Systems - Harrison Fisheries

Most farm ponds are created as a water resource and aquatic habitat. Ponds and lakes are bodies of standing water and are shallow enough to have the sunshine reach the bottom of the pond or lake. The difference between a lake and pond is only its size.  Plants will root in the muddy bottom and help keep the water clean, as well as provide food and oxygen for fish. The oxygen levels in a body of water vary greatly because fish take in oxygen at a higher rate than the water can absorb it from the air. Therefore, plants are a vital part of a healthy eco system. Tiny free floating plants, like plankton, also create oxygen and serve as food for fish.

Since plants only can grow where the sunlight can reach, most life in a pond or lake is found around the outer ring of the shoreline. Some fish use the cover of plant life in order to hide from predators or spawn. Pond succession happens when water runs downhill through the pond's watershed, bringing more mud and slowly filling the pond and decreasing its depth. Decaying plants and fish can enrich the plant life, but also can contribute further to decreasing the water level and eventually could turn a pond in to wetlands. Surface water also can cause water pollution. Compared to a pond, a lake's oxygen level stays more even during a 24 hour period because the wind can create higher waves and therefore get more oxygen mixed in to the water. The more constant oxygen level has a positive effect on the lake's eco system. Harrison Fishery can give you expert advice on the development and care of your lake or pond to ensure a healthy environment for your fish and provide long term enjoyment.

The shoreline zone of a lake is much like the pond's eco system. Large fish can be found in the open-water-zone, while bacteria and other decomposers live in the oxygen-poor deep-water zone. The design of an eco system depends not only on your environment and size of lake or pond, but also on your goals. Do you want to create a natural habitat that is self sufficient or do you enjoy feeding your fish? The type of fish you stock also dictates the feeder fish and vegetation needed. Our eco specialists at Harrison Fishery can help you decide the type and number of plants to use in your pond in order to establish your own unique eco system.

Harrison Fishery, Inc. stocks the following species:

Fathead Minnow - Golden Shiner - Bighead Carp - Grass Carp - Redear Sunfish - Bluegill - Largemouth Bass

Koi - Hybrid Striped Bass - Black Crappie - Walleye - Yellow Perch - Northern Pike - Muskie - Channel Catfish

Other Species: (Other species not normally on-hand may be available through special request)

For sizes, prices, delivery information or questions on any of our fish, call us at 660-423-5482.
We look forward to serving your fish needs!

At Harrison Fishery, we are your “Pond and Lake Stocking Specialist”.

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