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A message to the wise


We realize a smart consumer will shop around for the best buy, especially when itís necessary to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the dollar. But be aware! Here is some information that most people are not aware of. Weight (pounds) of 1,000 fish in relation to total length for channel catfish:

Total length in inches

Average weight 1,000 fish

6 60.5
6 1/2 76.4
7 95.2
7 1/2 117
8 141
8 1/2 168
9 199
9 1/2 233
10 272
11 376
12 501

If a fish farmer sells you a 6-8 inch fish, you should receive an average 7 inch fish or 95.2 pounds per 1,000 fish.

If you buy an 8-10 inch fish, you should expect an average 9 inch fish or 199 pounds per 1,000 fish. One way fish farmers can sell you a cheaper fish is to reduce his cost by selling a smaller average size fish. For example: if heís selling a 6-8 inch fish, the average size could be cut back to 6-1/2 inches or 76.4 pounds per 1,000 fish. An 8-10 inch fish may be reduced to an average of 8-1/2 inches or 168 pounds per 1,000 fish.

Harrison Fishery, Inc. will not play the length VS weight game that some of our competitors do. Thatís why we hesitate to cut our prices very much. We strongly believe that quality creates itís own demand! Remember, buying fish is like going to a grocery store and buying food products. What appears to be cheaper may not be the best buy for your money after you read the weight on the label. When comparing prices on fish, ask the fish farmer for a weight count and compare the weight to the chart above to determine the average length of fish. If you desire, we too can adjust our weight to provide you with less expensive fish.

For sizes, prices, delivery information or questions on any of our fish,
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