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Tempering Fish


Fish are extremely sensitive to sudden changes in water temperature. When moving fish from one body of water to another, raise or lower the temperature of the water in the container in which they are transported to approximately that of the water into which they are to be placed.

If the temperature of water used to haul catfish in is more than 5 to 10 degrees F warmer or cooler than the receiving water (5 degrees for other fish, especially smaller fish) you must temper the water. Temper the water in the container containing the fish by slowly mixing water from the receiving pond.

Ensure water temperature changes less than 1 degree F per minute until the water temperature in the container equals that of the pond. If possible, place the container holding the fish in the water and allow the fish to swim out on their own. Aeration may be necessary while tempering the water to prevent the fish from being stressed.

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