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Transporting Fish

Transporting fish in containers without aeration is risky business! Losses of fish during and after transport are a result of overcrowding and oxygen deficiency which stress fish; leading to immediate loss of fish during transport or loss due to stress related infectious diseases shortly after they reach the pond/lake. Proper procedures are critical when transporting fish.

  • Transport fish as quickly as possible to your pond. If you intend to conduct other business when picking up your fish, do it first, avoid unnecessary stops!
  • We recommend you transport your fish in fresh pond/lake water, preferably the same water in which the fish will be placed.
  • Well water may be used in early spring or late fall when well and pond water are about equal in temperature. Well water contains little oxygen and should be aerated.
  • Never use city water (chlorine kills fish).
  • Use only clean containers (chemicals kill fish).
  • We do not recommend mixing different species of fish in the same container.
  • Livestock watering tanks, plastic or metal garbage cans, 10 gallon milk cans, and various sizes of barrels are commonly used to haul fish short distances. Whatever you use, a lid or cover of some type is recommended to prevent loss of water or fish in route to your lake or pond. To protect your investment, we recommend the following amounts of water be used to transport fish for only 10-15 minutes. Longer hauling times require more water or suitable aeration.
  • 10 gallons of water per 100: 4-6 inch channel catfish 1-5 inch bluegill & bass
  • 20 gallons of water per 100: 6-8 inch channel catfish
  • 50 gallons of water per 100: 8-12 inch channel catfish 6-8 inch largemouth bass
  • 5 gallons of water per: 2 grass carp one pound of minnows

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