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Please call 660-423-5482 for details on ordering.

OWS Dry Pond Dye Pack

Pond Pack

Environmentally friendly ingredients to help keep your pond healthy and clean produced by specialists at Outdoor Water Solutions Inc. Each box will treat 1/4 acre with an average depth of 4`. For a 1/2 acre pond 4` deep, you would use two boxes. Product offered in a 4-color shippable box weighing 23 lbs.

"Natural" product line that helps tie up nutrients in the water.

Each pack contains three separate products:

  1. A high quality blend of Bacteria in a barley straw medium packaged in easy to use water soluble packets.
  2. A Water Clarifier to help tie up excessive nutrients in the water.
  3. Two pouches of a high quality Water Soluble Dye in water soluble bags.

PSP0001 - Price: $199.00

Please call 660-423-5482 for details on ordering.

Harrison Fishery, Inc. stocks the following species:

Fathead Minnow - Golden Shiner - Bighead Carp - Grass Carp - Redear Sunfish - Bluegill - Largemouth Bass

Hybrid Striped Bass - Black Crappie - Walleye - Yellow Perch - Northern Pike - Muskie - Channel Catfish

Other Species: (Other species not normally on-hand may be available through special request)

For sizes, prices, delivery information or questions on any of our fish, call us at 660-423-5482.
We look forward to serving your fish needs!

At Harrison Fishery, we are your “Pond and Lake Stocking Specialist”.

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