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Pond Accessories

GALVANIZED WINDMILLS - Wood Windmills - Aeration Fountains - Outdoor Feeder - Pond DYES

Please call 660-423-5482 for details on ordering.

Galvanized Pond Aeration Windmills

20' Galvanized Steel Aeration Windmill

20' Galvanized Steel Aeration Windmill

This is our most popular windmill! Our 20' Windmill Aeration System includes Air Stone Diffuser and Foot Valve and 100 Ft of 1/2" regular air line. The 20 FT tower produces 20% more wind at the elevated height compared to the lower height windmills. More Info >>

AWS0013 - Price: $1,695.00

20’ Deluxe Windmill Aeration System

If you're looking for everything you need to aerate your pond, this is it!

Our 20' Deluxe Windmill Aeration System pumps tons of air, even more than other companies that sell "dual diaphragm" models. More Info >>

AWS0049 - Price: $2,095.00

4 Legged Aeration Windmill

This is our most popular windmill, only with 4 Legs instead of Three!

Our 20' Windmill Aeration System includes Air Stone Diffuser and Foot Valve and 100' of 1/2" regular air line. More Info >>

AWS0146 - Price: $1,795.00

Wood Aeration Windmills
Wood Aeration Windmill for Pond Aeration

16’ Wood Windmills

Want a more Nostalgic look and feel? Our new wooden windmill towers are a masterpiece in design. Manufactured in the U.S. with cedar colored pressure treated wood, this windmill will look great for a long time! Assembled height of the windmill and head is 19'.

Functional Windmill Aeration system comes with the wooden tower, functional compressor with our patent pending BalCam technology and 5 year warranty, OWS Windmill head, 100' of 1/2" poly tubing, an airstone and backflow valve. More Info >>

16’ Wood Windmill
w/ Galvanized Head

16’ Wood Windmill
w/ 1 or 2 Color
Powder Coated Head
16’ Wood Windmill Deluxe
w/ Galvanized Head

Aeration Fountain

HP Fountain

OWS Lake & Pond Fountain

We've looked long and hard to find a fountain that is easy to assemble, low cost to operate, and offers several different and yet unique patterns. Our new fountain achieves each of those goals. It only has four main parts (motor, float, screen and throat) so takes only a few minutes to assemble.


Lighting Kit

Lighting Kit for OWS Lake & Pond Fountain

Add an optional light kit to your fountain! Costs less than $.01 an hour to operate, but offers a great night time look. Includes 4 high power LED lights (equiv. to 175 watts) and white lamps. Can also purchase red, blue, green, yellow, and purple lamps. Call for prices on lamps.


Pond Products

OWS Fish & Game Feeder

Outdoor Feeder

Manage a better pond and grow bigger, healthier fish with the new Outdoor Water Solutions fish feeder. If you’re looking for accurate feeding, less waste and larger, healthier fish, then this one is for you! We’ve designed a system that has everything you need and at an affordable price.

This feeder can also be used as a game feeder! It can be elevated with the extra leg sections (included) and put along a field edge, in a fencerow or in a food plot to feed deer, quail, pheasants and other wild game in the winter months.
More Info >>

FDR0098 - Price: $289.00

OWS Dry Pond Dye Pack

Dry Pond Pack

Environmentally friendly ingredients to help keep your pond healthy and clean produced by specialists at Outdoor Water Solutions Inc.

Each box will treat 1/4 acre with an average depth of 4'. For a 1/2 acre pond 4' deep, you would use two boxes.

Product offered in a 4-color shippable box weighing 23 lbs.

"Natural" product line that helps tie up nutrients in the water.

More Info >>

PSP0001 - Price: $179.00

All Natural Blue Pond Dye

Liquid Pond Dye

If you're looking for a highly concentrated liquid blue dye for your ponds, we've got it! This product is equivalent to other companies ONE Gallon containers.

Pond Dye helps prevent weeds and algae from growing by naturally blocking out the sun's harmful UV rays. A must have to naturally keep your pond weed free and also add an attractive blue color to your pond. Contains highly concentrated Acid Blue #9 which is safe for recreational ponds, horses, cattle, birds, fish wildlife and the environment.

More Info >>

PSP0125 - Price: $29.95

Bacteria Packs

Bacteria Packs

Our bacteria helps break down organic matter on the bottom of the pond, diminish nutrient overload and helps reduce odor to create a clean, clear & healthy pond.

This is a highly concentrated dry blend which contains cellulose enzymes, hyper cellulose producing bacteria and bacteria designed to work in cold weather to accelerate the breakdown of leaves, sediment and other accumulated dead organic waste.


OWS Bacteria Pack
12 lbs.
OWS Bacteria Pack
25 lb. Pail

All Natural Blue Pond Dye

Muck Pellets

This is a Professional Grade pellet that controls muck and sludge build up on the bottom of your pond or lake. Great for swimming areas, around boat docks, beaches, etc.

These pellets were designed for lagoons, lakes and ponds as a low-maintenance solution for sludge and muck build up. The Professional Grade pellets are fortified with specialized bacterial strains that are high volume waste consumers.

They also have a trace mineral base and organic catalyst to increase the productivity of each pellet.

OWS Lake & Pond Muck Pellets - 10 lbs
OWS Lake & Pond Muck Pellets - 25 lbs


Harrison Fishery, Inc. stocks the following species:

Fathead Minnow - Golden Shiner - Bighead Carp - Grass Carp - Redear Sunfish - Bluegill - Largemouth Bass

Hybrid Striped Bass - Black Crappie - Walleye - Yellow Perch - Northern Pike - Muskie - Channel Catfish

Other Species: (Other species not normally on-hand may be available through special request)

For sizes, prices, delivery information or questions on any of our fish, call us at 660-423-5482.
We look forward to serving your fish needs!

At Harrison Fishery, we are your “Pond and Lake Stocking Specialist”.

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